Life is Good! By @coachgoldsmith in 140 Languages

This week’s five Ahas are from Marshall Goldsmith’s AHAbook™, Life is Good!

AHAthat is offering a service that takes a phrase that you’re known for, or want to be known for, and creates an AHAbook with that phrase in over 100 languages. One of these books is Marshall Goldsmith’s Life is Good!AAEAAQAAAAAAAAeYAAAAJDFhZDNiZTlmLTQ2YTQtNGMzNS04ZDUyLWIzYzljZTcyN2VkNA

Life is imperfect, unfair, difficult, challenging, and painful. But life can also be so good. The fact that you are able to breathe, to feel love, to choose whatever you want, and to witness the beauty of nature is part of why life is good. The opportunities for expressing your purpose are limited only by imagination. It is not only good, but it is also good for you in your very own way. Life is good, and in this instant, it’s overflowing with possibilities. Express your gratitude by saying “Life Is Good!” in 140 different languages from around the world.

Here are five translations. Why don’t you go directly to the AHAbook and share more of them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or G+:

  1. alhayat jiidatan! (Life is Good! in Arabic) — in 140 languages @coachgoldsmith [click to tweet]
  2. bhawak aakaungg par! (Life is Good! in Burmese) — in 140 languages @coachgoldsmith [click to tweet]
  3. Život je krásný! (Life is Good! in Czech) — in 140 languages @coachgoldsmith [click to tweet]
  4. Livet er godt! (Life is Good! in Danish) — in 140 languages @coachgoldsmith [click to tweet]
  5. A vida é boa! (Life is Good! in Portuguese) — in 140 languages @coachgoldsmith [click to tweet]

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