Mitchell Levy is a Master at Helping Others with Credibility

This page is for Consulting and Coaching firms, and HR teams that want to bring operational credibility to their clients/employees. Happy to support your client’s credibility. Reach out to me by putting time on my calendar.

On the customer journey toward continuous credibility, there are four sets of recommended activities you can help your clients with:


Step one is to create a common language and understanding of credibility. You can do the following to support this understanding:

1. Share the TEDx focused on Credibility (28th most popular TEDx release in 2021) called “We are Losing our Humanity and I’m Tired of Watching it Happen”.

2. Encourage your clients to read the book “Credibility Nation”.

3. Encourage your clients to join the Credibility Nation Community ($99.99/year, no referral fee unless you’re a village leader) – click on this link to join Credibility Nation and receive two months free.

4. Have your clients (individual or team/company) take the Credibility Culture Assessment and after that, there’ll be a roadmap of next steps “Get on my calendar to discuss”.


Step two is to work with the client to focus on clarifying their purpose whether that’s an individual or team/company). For individuals, there are existing solutions you can share, for teams/corporations, let’s co-create the solution.

1. For individuals, send them to the 1-hour CPoP (a way to articulate ones’ purpose in 10 words or less) course. After joining Credibility Nation, go to

2. For individuals or a group of individuals, getting a CredReel incorporates the creation of a CPoP ($2k with a 10% referral fee).

3. For individuals, groups, and teams, let me run a CredClarity session, with you in the room if you’d like. ($5K with a 10% referral fee).

4. Will be creating certification programs for both Credibility Nation CPoP Certified Specialist and Credibility Nation CredReel Interviewers. Please let me know if you’d like to be informed when this starts.

Once an individual/entity has clarity of purpose, the next step is to align with their purpose on and offline.

There are two programs you can participate in to help support this alignment:

1. Every quarter, we run a 2-day bootcamp called “The Ultimate Credibility Bootcamp”. Click here for more information.

2. Consider being a village leader in Credibility Nation. Click here for more info. You get the credibility of adding this title to your profile and use the village to build a community of those who are interested in the subject area you have expertise. You can also use The Ultimate Credibility Bootcamp to attract people into your village.

There are a handful of publishing assets that can help build credibility both in the journey or creation as well as the finished product. I’m also including one or more solutions I recommend:

1. Your Client is an Amazon Bestselling Author (Ghostwritten & Published) in 6 months while they only spend 10 hours of time for $35k ($2,500 referral fee).

2. If your audience is on LinkedIn, then having a solution that keeps you in touch with your audience is recommended. This is the best solution for the price I’ve ever run into $149/month.

3. For new and existing books, we can run an Amazon Bestseller Campaign assuming the book passes the credibility review for $3k (10% referral fee).

4. If you’re client would like to Co-Create an Anthology Book, it’s a great way to meet partners, prospects, and to add value to existing clients. $500 upfront fee, and after that, we split profit. (no referral fee – although maybe you can negotiate a chapter in the book).

5. If your client is known for a phrase? Let’s put it into a social media-enabled eBook that is easily shareable in social media. Book of Your Phrase in 100+ Languages. $500 for eBook, $750 for paperback version. (no referral fee).


Step four after your client articulates their purpose and aligns it on and offline, they must live and adjust it over time There are three programs to explore:

1. For junior unicorns, companies between $5-100m, growing between 100-1,000%, there’s the Management Alignment 10.0 program which aligns in three areas (CEO Strategy, Team/Community, and Individual). This is a comprehensive 8-10 month program that is customized to each client. If you bring us the client, you’ll be incorporated into the solution. (Inquire on price and approach).

2. Mitchell Levy Executive Coaching. 6-12 month program custom-designed to delight. (Inquire on price).

3. For smaller companies (sub $5m, we run a 6-month mastermind that’s typically $1-2.5m/month. Referral fee is $750.